7 Free Online College Sites from Various World-Famous Campuses

Who of you wants to be able to study for free at world-renowned universities, such as MIT, UI, Harvard, and others? There must be many who want it, especially not need to pay. For those of you who want to learn and want to increase their knowledge, you can attend online lectures from various elite campuses in the world. Capital is just the internet anyway. Here are the names of sites that you can try.

7 Free Online College Sites from Various World-Famous Campuses

1. edX

The edX site offers online lectures by sharing syllabi, video recordings and discussion forums. The edX site is a large open online course provider founded by Harvard and MIT Universities in 2012. Here there are more than 1300 courses that you can take and unlimited participants.
2. Open2Study

Open2Study is an online higher education organization based in Australia, which was founded in 2013 and is managed by Open Universities Australia which also involves the University of Newcastle Australia, Flinders University and several other elite campuses.

At Open2Study there are two types of courses that you can take, namely University Courses, which allow you to study distance or online and can graduate and get an accredited certificate just like students who study on campus offline. And the second is, Free Courses, where you can only take free courses.

3. Coursera

At Coursera, you will be guided by high-quality instructors from the best educational institutions and universities in the world, and how to learn by using videos and recordings from lecturers and discussion forums. At Coursera there are 2226 types of courses that you can take from all fields of study provided by the 150 best educational institutions and universities to choose from.

4. Future Learn

Future Learn offers hundreds of online courses ranging from languages, business, technology science, health to psychology for free. Here you can register to take online courses and meet students and some of the best teachers from all over the world. You will get lecture material in the form of videos, articles, quizzes, and discussions, even you can learn about the robotics world here.

5. MIT Open Course Ware

If you want to study at MIT, but lazy to go far. You can try to follow MIT Open Course Ware and get the knowledge. Here there are more than 2400 types of courses from the MIT campus that can add to your knowledge, such as development engineering, technology and other techniques. In addition, here also provides lectures in music and education.

6. IndonesiaX

For those of you who want to study for free but don't speak English, you can try this site. Here the language of instruction used is Indonesian. This site is almost the same as the others which also provides a learning system by using discussion forums, videos, articles and quizzes provided by teachers.

In IndonesiaX you can get lecture knowledge from broadcasting to management. IndonesiaX has partnerships with several campuses and elite organizations in Indonesia, such as the University of Indonesia, ITB, Net TV, Rumah Change Rhenald Kasali, Airlangga University, and others.

7. Alison

Alison is one of the pioneers of free online learning sites in the world created in 2007. Alison has several teachers from various world institutions, such as Google, Microsoft and the world's leading universities. Here you can choose from more than 750 study materials that you can follow.

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